In Canada UFO bright beam lit up the night sky

Sky Canada was brightly illuminated by the beam of light from a UFO. About the incident learned ufologist Scott Waring after witnesses.


Reportedly, the ray of light of incredible power lit up the night sky over Canada after a strong thunderstorm near Great Slave lake. The witness said about it the Waring. According to him, he noticed something strange over the pond after a storm. By the way, this observation coincided with a natural phenomenon the supermoon, we see very rarely.

Waring after reviewing the photos of the incident have decided that the bottom of the lake hidden base of aliens, a bright beam emerged because the UFO rose to the surface and began to absorb the moonlight. Ufologist have suggested that the object was added to its reserves of energy.

Specialist stated the necessity to send an expedition to careful study of the lake bottom. On his website he has published the text of the message, which is received from the witness of UFOs in Canada. According to the resident, he was driving past the pond, when he saw the bright light that soon disappeared, but returned with increased force.