In Catalonia has chosen the new head of government

В Каталонии избрали нового главу правительства

In Catalonia has chosen the new head of government
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Kim Torr. Photo: social networks

Place Pokdemon took Kim Torr.

The Catalan Parliament voted for a new head of the government, which at the time was headed by Carles Pujdeme. The deputies supported the candidacy of Kim Torr. On 14 may, reported Interfax news Agency.

For Torre voted 66 Parliament, 65 MPs voted against it.

Note that Carles Pujdeme refused to nominate his candidacy to this position, as a fugitive from the Spanish authorities in other EU countries.

After a failed referendum for secession of the region, Putteman fled to Belgium, where he asked for political asylum. Later, he was arrested by German border guards. He is now in Germany under house arrest.

Previously, the former President of Catalonia Carlos Putteman said that he and other members of the government are willing for their ideas to serve 30 years in prison. But on the court he was not. Instead, the politician went into hiding. Before that, he was one of the main organizers of a referendum for the independence of Catalonia. During the vote, the people of the region supported the initiative, but it has not been recognized by the Central government of Spain.