In Chisinau gathered a rally of supporters of unification with Romania

В Кишиневе собрался многотысячный митинг сторонников объединения с Румынией

Several thousands of representatives of movements of the unionists – supporters of unification of Moldova and Romania – came to the rally in the center of Chisinau. It is reported Newsmaker.

Reportedly, the gathered Marchers enterprises, which started July 1 in Romania, in Alba Iulia.

The participants overcame around 1.3 thousand kilometers, walking, and today, September 1, planned to finish the March peaceful rally on the Chisinau Great National Assembly square.

The rally turned into a protest after several buses with equipment for the meeting were detained at the entrance to the city, the newspaper notes.

It is reported that the organizers initiated the March, which went under the prospectus of Stefan cel Mare, presumably for the detainee buses. Another part of the protesters remained on the square.

“We will wait here as you need to, at least until tomorrow while authorities would not react and do not miss the bus. We were not satisfied with sabotage and did not violate the public order, therefore we ask the police to act in accordance with the law”, — said the scene a member of the Party of national unity Konstantin Codreanu.

The organizers report that the detained buses transported the exhibits of thematic exhibitions, flags and other equipment.

Earlier, on August 27, police dispersed anti-government rally in Chisinau.

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