In Chukotka found seaweed serpent from USA

The inhabitants of Chukotka was scared of the big seaweed that washed ashore after a storm. Initially they were considered “sea snake”, arrived from the United States.


According to employees of national Park “Beringia”, the strange finds are not sea snakes or large worms. This Nereocystis Luetke: representative brown algae, it is distributed from the Pacific coast of North America from California to the island of Unalaska.

The length of these algae is 25 meters, the trunk of the body gradually extends to the top. At its end is resembles a snake’s head, the bubble whose diameter is 20 cm From it will sprout branches, to which are attached the long leaves of plates.

Nereocystis is an annual plant found at a depth of 20 meters. Begins to grow algae in late winter, in December, is separated from earth and sent to swim in the ocean. In most cases, this plant is found on the commander Islands.