In Crimea lost the light and communication: details of emergency

В Крыму пропали свет и связь: подробности ЧП

On the territory of Crimea annexed by Russia cut off electricity and mobile communications.

So, the territory of the entire Peninsula was disconnected from the power supply at about 15:25, reports the Apostrophe.

“The whole Crimea and Sevastopol is de-energized. All lies. The reasons we understand,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Soon, the electric company “Kubanenergo” stated that there was a massive technical outage on the line.

As of 17:43 “rosseti” reported on the restoration of the bridge in the Kuban – Crimea.

“It (electricity – ed.) had been violated as a result of triggering the automatic fire protection system at substation voltage class 500 kV “Taman” in 15:07 and two transformers”, – said the press service of the company.

At the same time edition of “notes” declares that in the center of Sevastopol due to the blackouts, the trolley stopped. Stopped working and traffic lights. The result has formed on the roads the traffic is horrible.

В Крыму пропали свет и связь: подробности ЧП


Peninsula residents complain that I can’t call my family, and the reason no one explains. This is confirmed by comments in social networks, writes Know.

В Крыму пропали свет и связь: подробности ЧП

On the territory Russia annexed the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea, where today there was a massive power outage, there is a problem with the navigation of aircraft.

About this on his page in Facebook said the blogger Daniel Rodriguez.

It is noted that control in the occupied Peninsula was de-energized and can’t coordinate movement of aircraft, which forced the Board to cancel the landing.

“Except that in the de-energized Crimea hung people on the cable cars, so there’s still not fully working sat NAV, side leave on the mainland, receiving no answer are de-energized control”, – said the blogger.