In December the city Council will consider the project of construction of the fitting system of traffic violations.

In December, the Kyiv city Council will vote on the construction project of automatic commit violations (ESPN) on public-private partnership (PPP), sponsored by the Director of TOV “Bezpecne roads of Ukraine” Dennis oleksyuk, reports “Economic truth”.

According to him, the document has already been agreed upon by the committees of Council (budget Commission, a Commission of ownership and transportation Commission), and now needs to be put to the vote. Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko has signed the conclusion about expediency of introduction of PPP.

In case of positive outcome of the vote in the following stages of system implementation will be an open competition, the selection of the investor and the project.

“In case of victory in the contest we will become not only the first initiators and developers, but also the first to build such a system in Ukraine”, – said oleksyuk.

The construction of ASFN in Kiev will be held on the terms of PPP, and the cost of the project will be approximately $ 23.7 million. In plans — to establish in Kiev 350 50 stationary and mobile systems.

The device of ASFN automatically fix speeding on city roads and send data through a secure communication channel in an urban data center, Ministry of internal Affairs/National police, where they undergo primary processing on the subject of errors and quality photos.

The National police carried out the validation of the received information about the fact of violation of traffic rules, establish the identity of the driver and impose appropriate penalties. After receiving the receipt, the recipient may appeal the decision of the inspector in court.

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