In Donetsk militants arrest people EN masse for killing Zakharchenko

В Донецке боевики массово задерживают людей из-за убийства Захарченко

In the occupied Donetsk in connection with the murder of the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko militants launched a mass arrest of people. This was announced by the representative of the Commissioner for human rights in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts Paul Lisyansky, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Now in the city, levied troops, the city is fully covered. For the last 2 hours we got a call about 8 arrests people about their relatives. The detention was carried out on the Blvd. Pushkin, Artema street, the Komsomol prospectus, Lenin’s square, in the area of Drama, Gurova str., Universitetskaya str. That is, under the comb all the sweep. The city is now the security forces are afraid of destabilization, and this is affecting the civilian population. There is now a kind of force of terror by illegal armed groups “DNR”, – he said.

According to Lysenko, these streets is the approximate circumference of the area where the explosion occurred. Also these streets are blocked.

“The city pulled together the troops, the special services “DNR” asked army. Already there is information that several houses on Blvd. Pushkin went on apartments. In the confusion that is going on there that night, a lot of people can lose their lives simply due to the fact that were not at that time, in the wrong place. So we have this information reported to the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada on human rights, Lyudmila Denisova, and she is already associated in particular with the diplomatic missions through its own channels, to somehow influence the situation”, – he added.

In addition, the “DNR office” in the JCCC said that “units of the people’s police” alerted.

As reported in Telegram Mash, the restaurant is “Separable”, which was blown up Zakharchenko, was his “personal residence”, and directed by his bodyguard Alexander Kostenko.

According to information, he often invited guests there. Inside the room is “decorated” the machine gun “Maxim”.

According to the version of fighters, killer leader was able to infiltrate his entourage.

Recall, August 31 in an explosion in a restaurant killed the leader “DNR” Alexander Zakharchenko. Russian media also reported that the explosion killed and “Minister of revenues and duties DND” Alexander Timofeev. The so-called “law enforcement” self-proclaimed “DNR” said that the detained “Ukrainian saboteurs”, which is probably involved in the assassination attempt on Zakharchenko. But in this SBU information is not confirmed.

In ORDO the suspect in the murder of a guard Zakharchenko, at the same time, the Russian foreign Ministry accuses the “Kiev regime”. It was reported that due to the incident, the militants closed the entry and exit from Donetsk. Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences over the death of Zakharchenko. Read more about the murder of Zakharchenko read our material.

It is also known that the new leader of “DNR” will be Dmitry Trapeznikov.

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