In El Salvador killed a popular journalist

In El Salvador murdered journalist Charles Turcios. Earlier it was reported that the girl was missing.

On the death of the journalist told local newspaper La Prensa Grafica, which has a girl. It is known that the journalist was gone on Sunday, and later her body was found near the village of Santa Rosa Guachipilin right on the roadway. The village is located a hundred kilometers from the capital San Salvador. Law enforcement authorities say the girl was strangled and later dumped on the road, when it had no documents and personal belongings. However, this assumption still need to confirm at autopsy.

She wrote about crime and the fight against corruption. About the disappearance of the journalist said her family and the company where she worked. President Salvador Sanchez Ceren said that they try as quickly as possible to find out the cause of death of girls and persons who are involved in the crime.

At the moment there are several versions of the murder of the journalist, however, is that the police are withholding details of the crime.