In Fastov Kiev region protested against the demolition of the market

Dozens of workers came with placards to protest against the demolition of the “Evening market” in Fastov Kiev region. Also need to instead build a shopping center. The market employs about 200 people, they worry that they can remain without work, according to “112 Ukraine”.

Local businessmen fear that will not be able to meet the terms of the lease with the current turnover and will not be able to compete with the growing number of supermarkets in the city. They also claim that the current buildings on the market were built at their expense.

Market workers marched to the mayor Fastiv. Michael Natiuk said that the issue should be resolved through negotiations between the property market and entrepreneurs. They, in turn, say that such communication does not work.

“Unfortunately, we see that there is no result. The result would be the adoption of a position on the reconstruction of the “Evening market”. They are for the reconstruction, they want to make the modern market”, – explained the position of entrepreneurs, the head of the Fastiv district organization of the party “For freedom” Alexander Zamula.

“Entrepreneurs independently carry out protection of the “Evening market” in a year and a half. They have their own human rights, he does it. And only their efforts to date to save the object, save from a spontaneous development, a shopping and entertainment establishments”, – said the head of the Kyiv regional organization of the party “For life” Sergei Bogolyubov.

Entrepreneurs are going to court to prove their right to work in the market.

В Фастове Киевской обл. протестовали против сноса рынка

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