In France, a prisoner sued over the deterioration of living conditions in prison

Во Франции заключенный подал в суд за ухудшение условий жизни в тюрьме

In France, a prisoner sued over the deterioration of living conditions in prison
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Due to the strike of prison officers to prisoners for 9 days not allowed to take a walk and not allowed to take a shower.

A prisoner in a French prison filed a lawsuit due to deterioration of conditions of detention. This is due to the ongoing the second week in a strike of prison officers. This was reported in the non-governmental organization Observatoire international des prisons (OIP), engaged in the protection of the rights of prisoners, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to the organization, the prisoner of the prison of Moulins-yzeure complains that because of a strike by caretakers of the prison he “didn’t shower for nine days.”

In addition, the plaintiff, who is not named, complained that he did not go for a walk and for nine days remained in his cell with an area of 9 square meters.” A man complains that “couldn’t get any ordered products from the store, except tobacco,” and that of his camera, and from the ground where she is, didn’t take out the trash cans.

It is expected that the hearing in the case will be held on Friday, January 26, the administrative court of Clermont-Ferrand.

Note that in France for the second week are held nationwide protest of prison officers, which require increased security measures in places of detention. In the event urged trade unions to declare absolute impunity and neglect of the government to the rules of detention for extremism.

Among the demands put forward by the prison officers is a special approach to the prisoners for articles on extremism, the creation of prisons adapted to the different types of prisoners, provision of personnel with the necessary equipment and more. Also prison officials asking for a review of the remuneration system.

11 January, three prison officers in the French commune of Vanden-Le-vieil were injured in an attack by a prisoner serving a sentence for participating in a terrorist attack on a synagogue in Tunisia in 2002. Amid ongoing protests in various regions of France experienced several attacks of inmates on prison staff.


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