In France migrants have scuffled with police, four militiamen wounded

Во Франции мигранты подрались с полицейскими, четыре правоохранителя ранены

In the port city of Calais (France) there was a collision of migrants with police officers, during which four policemen were injured. It is reported BFMTV.

As reported, on Monday, July 30, members of the special police came into conflict with a group of migrants who entered the building one of the local companies located in the industrial zone near the port leading to the ring road. It is noted that the majority of migrants were in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

During the collision, the workers pelted law enforcers with stones. As a result, four people were injured, including one of them is a head injury.

Earlier in the territory of Calais migrants illegally built a large camp, which became known as “the Jungle.” After the camp was demolished in the city you can find several hundreds of migrants.

Earlier, the head of the European Council Donald Tusk said that after a night of negotiations, EU countries agreed on a common policy towards refugees. The source Agency dpa in diplomatic circles reported that the refugee camps, rescued after crossing the sea, will be established in member countries of the European Union that will agree to that. From these camps the migrants will be distributed also to those EU countries that are willing voluntarily to accept them. The EU intends to establish a refugee camp in one of the North African countries to reduce the flow of people funneling through the Mediterranean sea. It is not clear which countries are willing to accept refugees and to establish camps.

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