In France, on 75-m to year of life has died the rock singer johnny Hallyday

75-m to year of life died a famous rock singer from France, johnny Hallyday. Mass media reports with reference to the statement of relatives of the artist.


The causes and circumstances of death Holliday were not disclosed. When the wife of musician claims that the composer died today, and his life, he lived with dignity and courage. It is also known that in the last years of his life johnny had suffered oncological disease.

The singer was born in 1943 in Paris. he began singing during his school years, playing in the variety show together with their families. Holliday, first came on the scene in 1955, during his career he has conducted more than 400 tours and sold about 80 million albums, 18 releases artist went platinum. In total, he wrote a million songs. Holliday is the owner of the Legion of honor, which he received from the hands of the President of France Jacques Chirac in 1997. In 2009, Holliday went on a farewell tour, only three performances of the tour was attended by 240 000 spectators.