In Georgia have found the oldest traces of wine-making

Recent discovery allows scientists to say with confidence that the birthplace of wine and art is Georgia. The work of specialists, who were able to discover there the remnants of the world’s oldest wine, was published in the renowned scientific journal.


In the eminent scientific journal Proceeding of the Natural Academy of Sciences published the work of specialists, who were able to locate in Georgia the remnants of the shards, made of ceramic containing substances in grape wine. Age shards from the container, which contained grape wine, have left traces of salts of tartaric acid, is estimated at 7-9 thousand years. The find was discovered in the Central part of Georgia. Until recently, the oldest evidence of winemaking was thought the remains found on the territory of modern Iran that dated to the age before 7 thousand years, and the current discovery has become a leader in the list of the earliest traces of winemaking.

The excavation took place over four years from 2012, then studied the earth-Central Georgia. In total, scientists surveyed about two dozen pottery shards, whose age was about 9 thousand years. They were found wine salt contained in the Eurasian grape.