In Germany found the treasure of the Viking king

В Германии нашли сокровища короля викингов

German archaeologists found on the island of rügen, located in the Baltic sea off the coast of Pomerania, treasures that could hide the king Harald I Bluetooth. He ruled Denmark in the late X century. Historians have found 600 coins, rings, brooches, pearls and amulets in the form of Thor’s hammer, reports the Guardian.

In the beginning of the year something shiny on the coast of rügen was found by archaeologist-Amateur Rene Sean and his 13-year-old friend Luke, Malashenko. At first the Germans thought that it was a piece of foil, but upon closer inspection, the discovery was a silver object.

In April, excavation in this place was continued by professional archaeologists. They found the treasure, buried more than a thousand years ago.

“This is the largest hoard of coins of Harald Bluetooth, was found on the South of the Baltic sea,” said archaeologist Michael Chirren.

“The new coins, we have discovered date back to year 983. This means that the treasure was likely buried at the end of 980 years. At that time, Harald was forced to flee to Pomerania,” added the historian.

Harald I Bluetooth came to power in 958. He had conquered Norway and part of modern Sweden. When it Denmark officially converted to Christianity.