In Germany, the police conducted the operation because of the headless dolls

In the German law-enforcement authorities received a message indicating that “the body without the head.” Police held a special operation to eliminate the causes of the tragedy.

Monday, April 16, in law enforcement bodies of the Federal state of Baden-württemberg (Germany) received a message from a man who said that while walking found the headless body, which was covered in blood. Police launched an entire special operation to ascertain all the circumstances of the incident.

In the specified place has arrived a squad of police, accompanied by fire trucks. The perimeter of the Park was cordoned off. Specified man the victim was able to find under the tree which was near the descent to the river. The police said that it was an ordinary doll, not a person. Although one of the militiamen were told that the doll very much resembled a human being.

At the moment it appears, whether it was a bad joke or just a man in a state of shock took the doll for the body, because finding them was discovered in the dark.