In India, monsoon rains killed at least 80 people

В Индии из-за муссонных дождей погибли по меньшей мере 80 человек

As a result of heavy monsoon rains in India killed at least 80 people. About it reports AFP.

“80 people died because of the destruction of houses or walls after a heavy rain,” – said the head of the disaster management in the state of Uttar Pradesh to the West of Bihar Sanjay Kumar.

It is also reported that dirty water flooded the hospital in the North-East of India. It is noted that the fish swims directly to the medical wards.

“Part of the first floor was flooded Sunday after a clogged pipe caused by heavy rains,” – said the Director of the hospital seetharam Prasad.

We will remind, tens of thousands of homes and houses across India regularly collapse during the monsoon rains from June to September.

It is reported that since may this year, the rains across the country has killed 545 people, injured over a million people.

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