In India unblocked social network “Vkontakte”

In India, the Ministry of information and electronic technologies has approved the unblocking of the most popular Russian social network “Vkontakte”. Full recovery of user access to Russian social networks will provide the next few days.


Blocking social network, owned by Mail.Ru was initiated by the Indian authorities due to the fact that it was available the game the “Blue whale”, which, according to experts, has led to the deaths of more than hundreds of teenagers. The government of India issued an ultimatum to the representatives of “Vkontakte”, which provides for the unlocking of the domains of the social network on the territory of the Indian state in that case, if you have removed all mention of this game, and will also be denied access to it. This requirement was also made by the government of India in the direction of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and other corporations. Representatives of “Vkontakte” said that in any country where the social network, in compliance with all laws and wishes of the government.

“The blue whale” – one of the Russian negative legends. When you publish a certain hashtag users to contact representatives of the game, which gave players a series of dangerous and illegal tasks.