In Japan will begin testing Autonomous cars for correspondence

В Японии начнутся испытания беспилотных авто для доставки корреспонденции

Japan post plans to test driverless cars on city streets for delivery of mail between post offices.

According to the Agency Kyodo, the ceremony and demonstration of an unmanned vehicle, painted in bright red color with the logo of Mail Japan on the bonnet, was held Wednesday in Tokyo.

During the upcoming testing unmanned vehicle will have to drive about two kilometers from the Tokyo headquarters of the Japan Mail to the other offices in the district of Ginza, making the path of another stop. The start date of the tests is not disclosed.

Recently Japanese companies are actively involved in experimental projects involving unmanned vehicles. In particular, in August 2017, the Japanese authorities did not rule out that for the Olympics of 2020 in the city streets will involve unmanned taxi.