In July there were 8 attacks on journalists – NUJU

В июле произошло 8 нападений на журналистов, - НСЖУ

In July of this year, there were 8 cases of physical aggression against media workers. In June there were 2, and in General for 7 months 2018, the year was 53 per incident of use of force against journalists. This was reported on the website NUJU.

The attack happened in Kyiv and Kyiv region, Dnipropetrovsk, Chernihiv regions, in Odessa and Kherson.

“About beating the male employees of the SBU also said the wife of a Turkish journalist Yusuf Inan, who were forcibly deported from Nikolaev to Turkey”, – stated in the message.

Also recorded 2 cases of damage to the drafting of property – in the Dnipropetrovsk region have set fire to the newspaper “Event”, and in Sumy region burned the car of journalist-investigator.

In Kiev the police deliberately sprayed tear gas in the face of the photographer Ephraim Lukacova. “One of the policemen saw that I rented, and loaded me with gas in the eye to complete the program. I literally went blind for 10 minutes. I was not in the crowd shouted to him “Press”, but the police did not stop,” said Lukatsky.

Although the victim is a journalist, head of the representative office of the international Agency Associated Press, and refused to write a statement about the crime, now the police service continues the investigation into the spraying of tear gas in the face of Ephraim Lukacova. On July 25, in the Chernigov region of about 15 people blocked the exit of the hall for meetings and more hours kept the employees of RGA, and chief editor of “news of Borznyansky” Sergey Bliznyuk. Aggressive men demanded that the editor and staff of the Department of family, youth and sport and the Department of education to write applications on dismissal. As for credibility several times pushed the editor. Behaved rudely, called present by the separatists. The doors of the premises unlocked only after completing the requirements. July 10 was an arson attack on the newspaper “Event” that destroyed the furniture and the equipment. This is the fifth arson media and property journalists in Dnipropetrovsk region over the past year and a half.

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