In Kemerovo worker killed after falling from a roof while cleaning the snow

30-year-old worker lost his life in the city of Kemerovo during the execution of works on cleaning of snow. The man fell from the roof, falling from a height of five floors.


Press-service of Investigatory management SK of Russia on area has informed that one of the utility workers fell from the roof of a five-story building and received injuries incompatible with life. According to the website “Version.Info”, the accident occurred in Kemerovo on Thursday, December 7. All the workers used the insurance in the form of belts attached to the building, however, the victim officer decided to get into the attic of a residential house, unfastened his safety belt. The result is a slippery surface the man was unable to stay on the ledge and fell from the roof.

Eyewitnesses of the tragedy immediately caused the ambulance, however, man, despite all the efforts of the experts, could not be saved. Doctors had to deliver the victim in a critical condition in hospital, but several hours later the victim died in the hospital. On this fact the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation checks.