In Kiev are going to extend the pedestrian area of the downtown to the area of Bessarabia

В Киеве собираются продлить пешеходную зону Крещатика до Бессарабской площади

In Kiev the pedestrian area of Khreschatyk plan to extend to the area of Bessarabia. About it on air of radio “Kiev 98 FM” said Deputy Director of Department of transport infrastructure KSCA Dmytro Rakhmatullin.

“We are now implementing pedestrian Hem – two stages already passed, four more to go. The following project is planned peshehodnaya on Bessarabska square. It is planned to expand the pedestrian area for residents and guests of the capital, which will move from downtown to the metro, by the overlap of the street, which almost all filled with parked cars,” he said.

Rakhmatullin said the expansion project of the pedestrian zone will be completed as part of the new development strategy of the city. It on the Kiev roads pedestrians will be the main.

“Second place is a cyclists and public transport. And the latest drivers”, he added.

According to him, now in Kiev, developing pedestrian areas, installing Parking bollards to motorists not stopped on the sidewalk.

“According to the new transport policy is now being implemented the project “Pedestrian Hem.” In the old town is also planned to reduce the level of the curbs so that people with disabilities can safely move around the city,” added Rakhmatullin.

Recall that in Kiev, the Khreshchatyk is closed to cars on Saturdays from 19:00 to 22:00. Sunday and holidays the roadway open to pedestrians from 8:00 to 22:00.

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