In Kiev have exposed the Scam with the sale of dogs on the Internet

В Киеве разоблачили аферу с продажей собак в интернете

“Entrepreneurs” requested advance for the phone number

The family became a victim of fraudsters who allegedly were selling purebred dogs from the kennel.

Notice about puppies for sale victims found on the online platform OLX, said the group “Operational Kyiv” in Facebook, reports

“According to legend, the dog was sold for 2,500 hryvnia, and the kennel is located in Cherkasy. “Entrepreneurs” are said to make an advance payment to the telephone number. Suspecting nothing, we made 500 UAH. They said that in Kiev will be on Tuesday, June 12, at 9:00 am. To the last kept in touch, and today just turned off my phone and Viber was blocked,” ― said victims of scams.

They managed to save passport photos and the alleged certificate of the kennel, before the attackers had removed them from the messages in Viber. Note that it is unknown whether the passport belongs to the scammers.

In the comments to the post and other people admitted that they also were victims of this scheme.

“A familiar face. Friend they have a Jack Russell Terrier tried to take,” wrote Irina Hirman.