In Kiev I checked the point of sale into significant violations

В Киеве проверили точки продажи шаурмы - выявлены значительные нарушения

After the mass poisoning Shawarma in Kiev, the state foods and consumer service raided by the points of sale of street food. 15 inspection response teams worked in 10 districts of the capital and checked more than 50 subjects that sell Shawarma. This was reported on the website of the Department.

Inspectors found violations such as the lack of labeling on raw materials, personal health books, the lack or failure to produce permits for the installation of Kiosks and registration documents, failure to comply with sanitary and hygienic norms.

Representatives of Gospodarevskaya 15 times the police were called, it was 5 protocols under the article “Violation of the procedure of implementation of economic activity”.

“As a result of inspections by the inspectors of Gospodarevskaya found that no single business entity, with which is associated a mass poisoning, does not have the required documents. At the moment, these Kiosks are closed. It is also established that all these outlets dangerous products supplied single entity. Upon the Commission of wrongful acts that contain signs of a crime under article 325 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, criminal proceedings”, – stated in the message.

We will remind, as of August 3 due to the use of a Doner kebab was 87 cases of acute intestinal infection, including 13 cases in children.

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