In Kiev, the police seized 15 thousand bottles of counterfeit alcohol

В Киеве полиция изъяла 15 тыс. бутылок с фальсифицированным алкоголем

In Kiev, the police discovered a warehouse, where he kept 15 thousand bottles of counterfeit alcohol. About it reports a press-Department service.

The police reported that one of the warehouses in Kiev is stored adulterated alcohol. Law enforcement officers conducted a primary inspection, took statements from the applicant, found that there are signs of counterfeit alcoholic beverages and have launched an investigation.

During the investigation, police determined that counterfeit alcoholic drinks that are dangerous to human health, can it is illegal to distribute in retail locations. Therefore, law enforcement officers decided to search the warehouse. During this search, investigators found alcoholic beverages with obvious signs of counterfeit excise tax stamps and the products were of questionable quality: it lacked a proper way of accompanying documents and certificates of compliance for alcohol, and the bottles were unevenly filled.

“Law enforcement officers seized from illegal circulation of 12 thousand bottles of vodka “different brands” and 3 thousand bottles of vermouth. All goods sent for expert study,” the message reads.

In the course of expert studies will establish whether tax stamps of the established sample, and also determine the substance contained in the bottle.

The data entered in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under part 2 of article 199 (Manufacture, possession, acquisition, transport, transfer, import to Ukraine with the aim of using while selling goods, or sale of counterfeit money, state securities, state lottery tickets, excise stamps or holographic security elements) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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