In Kiev will host a festival of New British cinema program

В Киеве пройдет фестиваль Новое британское кино, - программа

From 22 to 28 November in the capital cinema “Kiev” will be held on 18-th festival “New British cinema”. This year the festival program is traditionally extensive – winners of Venice, the favourites of British awards and festival hits, according to the Arthouse Traffic.

In particular, the festival opens with a historical tragicomedy from Giorgos Lanthimos “Mistress”. In the center of the plot – the story of Queen Anne and the court ladies – the Duchess of Marlborough and her younger sister Abigail, whose arrival at the Palace begins a new covert struggle. Starring Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma stone.

“High society” with Robert Patinson and Juliette Binoche – the first English-language work of the French registerkey Claire Denis. Sci-Fi talk about a space ship, exploring black holes. His crew consists of young men and women offenders sentenced to life imprisonment.

The festival spectators can also enjoy a new role keira Knightley – in the biographical drama “Colette” wash Williams of Westmorland the actress will transform into a writer and laureate of the Legion of honour Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette. She has published about fifty books, met with women and men, included three times married and became a symbol of women’s emancipation in the first half of the twentieth century.

Psychological Thriller “the Beast” Michael Pierce is one of the most notorious film debuts of the year. The main character, moll, meets his first love in a turbulent time for the island on which she lives, lurking serial killer. Appeared out of nowhere Pascal for girls becomes the embodiment of freedom. But the happiness Mall haunts her family and the inhabitants of the island: they suspect Pascal’s involvement in the murders.

Dramatic film “I’m not a witch” about 9-year-old girl accused of witchcraft – the first feature film by British registerkey Zambian origin, Rungano, Nyoni.

Traditionally, the festival also presents the audience a selection of the best short films at the British Academy of film and television art (BAFTA).

All films are shown in original language with subtitles. Showtimes are available via the link.

Note that two films from the program will be shown with teploperedacha (additional audio track that explains what’s going on in the scenes of the film, for people with visual impairment) and specific subtitling (text track that accompanies the film labels at the bottom of the screen for people with hearing impairment).

As previously reported, Ukraine has set up a competition of short films named Kira Muratova.

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