In Komi residents attacked the wolves

In the Republic of Komi ferocious hungry beasts keep the locals in fear. The wolves had torn more than a dozen dogs.


The real horror is happening in one area of the Komi Republic, where wild animals are people really afraid to go out of the house.
In Sysolskiy district, the peak height of the hunting season, but it is not known who hunted.

The place that connects Syktyvar with other regions of Russia, the animals literally declared war on the people.
According to local residents, wolves roam freely through the village and killed dozens of Pets.

The hunters explain this behavior of wolves to the lack of food in the forest. And according to its laws, they attack in a pack on the first counter. Experts have advised residents not to let the dogs out and, preferably, take them home, as not every dog can fend for itself.