In Londongrad Slavic glamour abounds

В Лондонграде славянский гламур бьет ключом

In Londongrad Slavic glamour is in full swing [Video]
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The Intro to the series with its heroes and flag, made of British and Soviet. In the heart of Ukrainian Kamaliya with her husband. Photo:

England in shock from the series about the life of Russian and Ukrainian rich in London.

“Some of them richer than the Queen”

British – in feverish anticipation. For about a month, at least, here tirelessly speak and write about the sensational reality series “Meet the Russians” (Meet The Russians). He started on September 25, on the popular FOX network. All his six films dedicated to the fabulously wealthy immigrants from the former Soviet Union (in England called them all “Russian”), which are anchored on the Thames. The authors of the TV show concluded that some of the characters “richer than the Queen”.

“Many of us watched the Russian in London, for their lifestyle, but still the world was dedicated to a series, the message reads FOX. – This show gives an unprecedented opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of glamorous superbogatite. The viewer will disappear the jaw from being incredibly rich and extraordinary characters”.

With his kettle

Heroes TV series – all as on selection. Well-groomed, fashionable, long-legged diva. Most middle-aged. And, of course, blondes, what’s glamour without them!

Marinika Smirnova is dressed not in season, but in style: the fur coat which, according to journalists, pulls 100 thousand pounds (about $160 thousand). The chair in which she sits, steeper than the Royal throne. Yes, and her house in Central London district of Kensington – a Palace. But the eyes of the audience Marinika buys another mansion for 4.5 million pounds.

This hot blonde wants to knock the audience a tear, talking about his Moscow life. Lived in the apartment on the outskirts of the city. The poor girl dreamed of a Barbie doll, which parents couldn’t afford. When Marinika grew up, she became a dancer in night club and model. Then the lucky streak: won the title “Mrs. Russia-2008”, and before that was married to Timur Artemyev, the co-owner of the Euroset company, which controlled a third of the mobile phone market in Russia and Ukraine.

My husband was threatened and we had to run from Russia, – said the 30-year-old Marinika reporters. In London six weeks we lived in a hotel, but then I began to say, “I need my own kettle, private Cup and spoon.” One day her husband saw a helicopter lovely home in Surrey and fell for him immediately. Since then he lives there. But I could not live far from the big city.”

They soon divorced. The court heated debate, of course, was about as Artemyev. Marinika assured that he had at least $200 million. And he insisted that 10 times less.

I can’t disclose details of the financial settlement, but I’m satisfied – said the former model.

Her year-old daughter Victoria lives from Monday to Thursday in the estate of the father, and the weekend arrives with the nanny to his mother.

Bath with champagne

The other heroine of the series – kind of the twin of Marinika. Kamaliya – too bright, leggy blonde, the singer from Ukraine.

“This is unreal!” – outraged “daily mail” statement Kamaliya about what she wants to be just like Lady Gaga and Madonna. Gaga Ukrainka invited to go on “early retirement” so that she did not reach up under her feet.

Husband of pop star Mohammad Zahoor (Pakistan origin) is willing to pay sky-high ambitions Kamaliya. Fortunately money enough: he is a billionaire steel magnate. In the eyes of the astonished audience the couple is considering a plan to capture the music world and his ascension to Olympus. “Project Kamaliya” has already cost Mohammad to 15 million pounds. But it is with such adoration looks at his wife, clearly for the price.

Kamaliya admits to his weaknesses. Loves to take a bath in champagne and fly on two private jets.

“I want to be a Russian Beckham”

Like the heroes TV show was on the banks of the Thames? Some are hiding from law enforcement or from a competitors, which they themselves have thrown. Many are attracted to London as a financial center. Especially after the disasters in Cyprus, where began to transfer money to banks in Britain.

And rich people like shopping here, the opportunity to send their children to prestigious private schools…

Each character has a motive of the move. Maria – wife of famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak is determined to become the Russian Victoria Beckham…

28-year-old Serg Ivo, who is 15 years lives in London and owns a nightclub Kitsch, admires the “civilized British business.”

The fact is obvious: on the banks of the Thames the Russian wealthy has practically created a glamorous city. “The British capital has turned into a Playground for the Nouveau riche, which causes the vulgarity and bad taste. Pump out money from the state, they rush them as they would not make people who earned their hard work,” writes “daily mail”.

Meanwhile in London it seems to be 400 thousand immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The exact figure nobody knows. However, no doubt that most residents of Londongrad – ordinary middle-class people. They’re just here to work,…

But this episode is silent. After all, it is necessary that the viewer has sagging jaw.