In Lugansk region militants LDNR surrendered to law enforcement

В Луганской области боевик ЛДНР сдался правоохранителям

In Luhansk region, the relatives of the militants “LDNR” contacted police and said that he wants to return to Ukraine. It is reported by the police in Luhansk region on his page in Facebook.

According to them, the gunman was going to come back to government-controlled territory of Ukraine by the SBU program “waiting for You at home.”

Policemen together with employees of SBU helped the man cross the grey area and met the 40-year-old native of Donetsk region near the boundary line.

“The man said that in December 2014 due to the difficult financial situation and “thanks” to the promotion of the Russian Federation entered into one of the units of the so-called “people’s militia LNR” in Alchevsk. During the service a man was engaged in guarding depots and units”, – stated in the message Department.

They added that in may 2015, after constant disputes with the leadership, he moved to Donetsk, where it was still part of the “the commandant platoon” to local gangs. Here he guarded the territory and went in patrol to check other units “DNR”. The man retired because of health problems, but after treatment returned to service and joined the ranks of the so-called “internal troops of DNR”.

“During the service, a man is disappointed in the ideas of the militants and, realizing that serving in illegal armed formations, has decided to leave the ranks of the gangs and return to the government-controlled Ukrainian territory,” added the police.

Now open criminal proceedings under article 260 (“Creation of illegal paramilitary forces or armed groups”) criminal code of Ukraine. The fate of man will be decided by the court.

We will remind that the program “waiting for You at home” is valid from 18 August 2015. It is designed to return to government-controlled territory of Ukraine and the exemption from criminal responsibility of citizens who voluntarily refused to participate in armed militias. During the existence of the program it is already used by 200 people.

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