In Lviv For life plans to provide retirees with medical equipment and medicines

In Lviv, the representatives of the party “For life” plan to provide retirees with medical equipment and medicines, today representatives of the Lviv regional branch held a meeting, which discussed the needs of this one of the most vulnerable categories of population in Ukraine.

The party noted that along with higher prices for food and medicines, tariffs for public services – pensions are in place.

“The pension service, unfortunately, does not work properly. Our seniors have no one to protect. And today we have gathered to help each other on the platform of the party “For life”, and to protect those pensioners and help in defending their lawful rights,” explained the purpose of the meeting the Deputy head of the Lviv regional organization of the party “For life” Inna Ivanochko.

Every day, the elderly are faced with the improper functioning of services of social protection and the pension Fund, benefit cuts and a complex system of subsidies. Given the size of the minimum pension, to find money for a piece of bread harder, the highlight of the party.

The meeting discussed the possibility of social security pensioners medical equipment, medicine, problems, subsidies and other benefits. The party “For life” emphasizing that if we want to live on the European model, have to demand from the state respect for the rights of the older generation.

Во Львове За життя планирует обеспечить пенсионеров медоборудованием и лекарствами

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