In Lviv from the effects of rain always suffer the same street.

Utilities and local authorities had to be ready to liquidation of consequences of flooding in Lviv. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said the representative of the party “For life” Inna Ivanochko.

“This situation is not the first time in Lviv. Now the water level has risen more than usual, the drains were not working, the passengers were blocked, people are not alerted. Similar situation was in Kiev. Appropriate services knew that the same thing could happen in Lviv. Fills the same street Gorodotska, heroes of UPA, Sakharov, Station” she said.

“It is good that we have organized rescue service. You can thank the people who helped each other. I don’t know, our mayor Garden, why this situation arose. Old Austrian street is also flooded, but the drains work, and on new streets the situation is unclear. There must be an explanation of where our money is going. Municipal services were disorganized, they had to alert control service”, she added.

Friday night in Lviv was short, but at the same time, a massive shower, which part of the city was actually under water. Its level in some places reached a meter in height. Because of this, the city stopped public transportation (which later drew over a hundred people), and for the elimination of consequences of elements created a special operational headquarters.

Во Львове от последствий дождей всегда страдают одни и те же улицы, - эксперт

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