In Nikolaev region the lessons and couples will begin with the national anthem and a minute of silence

В Николаевской обл. уроки и пары будут начинать с гимна и минуты молчания

In the Nikolaev area and a couple of lessons in educational institutions will begin with the anthem of Ukraine and a moment of silence for those killed in the Donbas. This was during a speech in Nikolaev agrarian University said the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko.

“Today I am signing an important order. I hesitated a long time, but I was determined. And today I will sign the order. Every lesson in every school, in every school in the Nikolaev area the first lesson should begin with the national anthem of Ukraine with a minute of silence for our guys,” said Savchenko.

Recall from 1 September in all educational institutions of Ukraine started the block educational reform “New Ukrainian school”: students will now study for 12 years, cancelled the table, and for primary school abolished homework. In addition, first graders will begin to learn from textbooks only available from October as the first month of training is adaptation.

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