In Odessa because of the threat did not take place creative evening with Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich

В Одессе из-за угроз не состоялся творческий вечер с лауреатом Нобелевской премии Светланой Алексиевич

Yesterday, August 8, in Odessa, was held a recital of “I’m writing a book about love” with the Belarusian writer, Nobel prize laureate Svetlana Aleksievich, but the event was canceled because of threats received to her address.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, organizers of the meeting said that in addition to the threats, four hours before the speech Alexievich were also registered in the database “Peacemaker” for alleged “propaganda aimed at inciting ethnic hatred and manipulation of socially significant information” in a speech in Brooklyn in 2016.

According to Aleksievich, charges that she put forward in “Peacekeepers” far-fetched.

“This can not be, because my mother is Ukrainian and I was born in Ukraine, and always felt Ukrainian blood. But for both our sakes I think that today’s meeting will not. We will cancel it. Bring all those who wanted to meet me, great thanks. I love you so much and I really wanted tonight was…” – said the writer.

It is noted that in order for the author to come to Odessa, has been fundraising. In the Green theatre, where he was to undergo the meeting, said that all donations will be returned.

Svetlana Alexievich was born in Ukraine on 31 may 1948. It is a well-known Belarusian writer, journalist, writer of documentaries, winner of the Nobel prize for literature 2015. The most famous was her book in the genre of art-documentary prose, “war has no female face”, “Zinc boys”, “Chernobyl prayer,” “Time second hand”.

As previously reported, in Odessa on 63-m to year of life has died the artist Leonid Voytsehov.

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