In Odessa ex-the customs officer stole 37 containers with uncleared cargo at 154 million UAH

В Одессе экс-таможенник украл 37 контейнеров с нерастаможенным грузом на 154 млн грн

In Odessa detained the former employee of a local customs office, who is suspected in the theft of containers with uncleared cargo at 154 million. About this on his page in Facebook wrote acting Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Miroslav Sold.

“State courier service officers detained well-known in certain circles of the person, a former employee of the Odessa customs which activity associated with the smuggling – Denis Amineva. He is suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of arrested goods, namely, 37 of the containers with uncleared cargo with an estimated value of 154 million, that were stored on the territory of the customs post “Odessa-Central,” wrote Sold.

Earlier, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, citing its own journalistic investigation, which was held in Kiev and Odessa, said that corruption at customs Ukraine loses up to 4.8 billion dollars. a year.

A major corruption scheme, according to German journalists, “perekladyvanii” products, with the participation of government officials. Thus a product that is the de facto in the shipment, declared as another one that provides lower fees.

Thus, in addition to customs, in a corruption scheme involved also representatives of the security service, police, state border service and the GPU.

The SFS do not deny that Ukrainian customs are recorded instances of corruption, but urged to appeal to official data.

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