In Odessa region detained the men who robbed a jewelry store on 300 thousand hryvnias

В Одесской области задержали мужчин, ограбивших ювелирный магазин на 300 тысяч гривен

The police detained the robbers who committed the RAID on a jewellery shop in the village of Donetsk in Balakleya area. According to the Department of communication of the police in Kharkiv region, the robbers caused damage for the sum over 300 thousand hryvnias.

The detention took place in the Odessa region. Involved in the crime was a 35-year-old resident of the village of Donets and 30-year-old citizen of Georgia. The police said that both detainees have already pleaded guilty.

At the moment they were informed about suspicion of committing a crime under part 4 St. 187 (robbery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The search for the third accomplice in the crime continues.

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