In Odessa region the woman ran away from home with a sick baby and spent the night hiding in the woods

В Одесской области женщина сбежала из дома с больным младенцем и всю ночь пряталась в лесу

In Odessa region the woman fled into the woods with a two-month baby. About it reports a press-service GU of the NP region.

The incident occurred in the Podolsk district. 36-the summer local resident was ill two-month-old son. In the hospital she refused to go, and when relatives called an ambulance, decided that the child she will take and run off with him into the forest.

“The police together with local residents went through all the empty houses, checked out a possible place of stay of the missing citizen. In the morning she was found and immediately taken to the hospital. The child was in serious condition and after some time died. At the conclusion of the examination the cause of death was pneumonia,” – misleading law enforcement.

Upon the death of the child was opened criminal proceedings. Woman charged with article 166 of the criminal code of Ukraine – willful failure to care for the child. It is threatened by imprisonment for up to 5 years.

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