In Odessa, the girl in an inadequate state staged a shooting near the restaurant

В Одессе девушка в неадекватном состоянии устроила стрельбу возле ресторана

In Odessa, the girl in an inadequate state staged a shooting near a McDonald’s restaurant. The incident resulted in no injuries. This broadcast “112 Ukraine”, said Ruslan Forostyak, adviser to the head of police in Odessa region.

“The conflict near the restaurant “McDonald’s” was a company that had a rest in “Arcadia” and in the morning returned home. The conflict between a man and 22-year-old girl last fired several shots at the rear window of the car from the traumatic weapon, which belongs to this man,” – said Forostyak.

The police said that the incident, none received injuries. The girl was hospitalized, because she was in a poor condition.

“Now the issue of legal qualification of these events. The event details are not yet entered in eRDR, but the question is whether there is in actions of signs of bullying or any offense, for example, the intentional infliction of bodily harm. Examination of its condition was made. But we have until the moment of entering of data into ERDR these data are not available even to the police,” – said adviser to the head of the police.

Recently in the Kiev district of Odessa shooting occurred. Then the unknown opened fire from a traumatic weapons.

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