In Omsk motorists are sinking in the mud on one of the roads

Recently in social networks on the official pages of city of Omsk there were pictures of a road that has ceased to be expensive and now is a trap for drivers. Motorists trying to post images of their car, almost half drown in the mud.

Users report that this “pseudocore” has already stuck more than a dozen machines, but once there was a relatively good primer. The thing is that, according to one local resident, before the departure was tolerable, but after the permission of the authorities to build “a henhouse”, the developers have removed the road and now in its place a mess of mud.

According to the author of the post, there’s a lot of space for development, however, the authorities did not place on the road, the reasons that citizens do not see. In the comments many noted that it was one of the departures from the 12 district, and now left only exit, which is difficult to reach.