In Oslo the local population was afraid of the behavior of the Russians after drinking

The Russians in Oslo staged a Grand party. But large-scale booze did not pass quietly: tourists scared the local population and the surprised police officers.

Few Russians who stayed in the territory of Oslo, decided to throw a party in the output. Where tourists rented an apartment, organized a real Russian drunkenness. In the process of such such a specific holiday, the atmosphere was tense and got a little out of control. Among some of the participants drunk the meetings there was a conflict. A result of the scandal were a few things of everyday use, which were thrown from the window of a tall building, where lived Russians. Neighbors and passers-by was very scared when fell to the ground on top of a bookshelf.

At the specified address there arrived police officers. But they still do not understand why from the window of a quarrel to throw furniture and equipment. Affected by such such inadequate English weekend is not fixed.