In Paris the bikers protest over speed limits

In Paris, the bikers, as well as throughout France, organized the protest. Thus they protest against speed limits, which they now have to adhere to when driving on roads that are related to vtorostepennym.

Under the new law, now when driving on such roads the speed of the motorcycle must not exceed 80 km/h. This innovation will gain legal force in France on 1 July.

Fans of the bikes have already organized large-scale protests against this restriction. April 15, hundreds of motorcyclists were at the time blocked a ring road in Paris. Before that, the bikers organized a meeting on the square near Wanserski lock. Then they lined up and headed in the direction of “district”. The exact number of protesters was not reported.

Similar protests were held not only in the French capital. Bikers protested against innovations in the law and in many other cities of the country. It is reported that there were thousands of them.

Earlier in the country on secondary roads allowed the movement at a speed of 90 km/h. Their total length in France is about 400 thousand kilometres. The government of the Republic, at this limit, guided by the fact that it is on them in 2016 was 55% of the accident, which resulted in the death of the victims.