In Poland, a Ukrainian, hanged himself in the hospital.

В Польше украинец повесился в больнице, - СМИ

In the city hospital in Olsztyn Warminsko-Mazurskie province in Poland hanged 59-year-old Ukrainian. This writes the Polish newspaper Gazeta Olsztyńska.

According to media reports, the citizen of Ukraine was replaced by work in the field of his brother. On this day the accident happened, and he crushed pelvis, Ukrainian was admitted to the hospital. He spent in the hospital a few days, and then hanged himself.

“In a medical facility, he realized that he had no medical insurance, and so the treatment will be expensive, and he could be deported to Ukraine (due to lack of insurance, – an edition)”, – writes the edition.

It is noted that the local Prosecutor’s office is investigating the circumstances of the case. Police questioned the hospital staff, none of the employees of the medical facility does not know what could be the cause of suicide.

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