In Poland military and border guards smuggled cigarettes from Ukraine and Belarus

В Польше военные и пограничники занимались контрабандой сигарет из Украины и Белоруссии

In Poland members of an organized criminal group was charged with illegal transportation of cigarettes from Ukraine and Belarus. This was reported by “Polish radio”.

According to police, in early September were detained 8 people. Only on the territory of Poland were imported approximately 2.5 million packs of cigarettes of different brands, Poland suffered damages in the amount of 50 million gold.

One of the suspects accused of running an organized criminal group.

“This is another of the detainees in this case. The consequence of suspects in the crime 32 people, 18 of them were or continue to be under arrest. In structure of criminal group included citizens of Poland – the inhabitants of Kholmsk, Gromashevskogo and lukovskogo counties of the Lublin province, is a professional military and corrupt border officers. Evidence suggests that one of the senior roles in a criminal group made by a person representing the business circle Hill city”, – stated in the message.

The group operated from 2015 to 2017 and smuggling of excise goods on the territory of Poland. The cigarettes are illegally transported from Ukraine to Poland via the river bug and by air in An-2.

Across the river smuggled cigarettes were transported on pontoons. On the Polish side of the Luggage unloaded, and then the attackers took out cigarettes specially equipped for this purpose SUVs into the country.

Noted that employees of the border service over material gain 5 to 10 thousand zlotys reported smugglers on the location of the patrol border service.

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