In Poland, the Ukrainian bus accident: Seven people were injured

В Польше украинский автобус попал в ДТП: Семь человек ранены

Yesterday afternoon, near the Polish city of Bochnia faced four passenger cars and two-storey Ukrainian bus. As a result seven people were injured. This was reported by “Polish radio”.

“The accident occurred on a 453-kilometer motorway A4 (from Ukraine through Poland to Germany) in area n / Proshivka”, – stated in the message.

Seven wounded, including two children and a pregnant woman, were assisted at the scene and then was taken to the hospital for further diagnosis.

72 Ukrainian passenger bus was delivered to the school in Proszowice, where they awaited another bus.

On the motorway in the direction of Katowice was difficult to move. About the accident was notified to the Prosecutor’s office.

Last month in Poland got in an accident a minibus with workers, among whom suffered and Ukrainians.

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