In Poland, three men attacked the Ukrainians.

В Польше трое мужчин напали на украинцев, - СМИ

In Poland near the city of poznań, the three men attacked a couple of Ukrainians (male and female). They were forced to hide in the territory of a fire brigade. It is reported by Radio Poznan.

According to information, on Monday at about 22:00 on the territory of a fire brigade ran a bloodied man with a girl.

В Польше трое мужчин напали на украинцев, - СМИ

After them came a car, got out three men. They tried to beat the Ukrainian. Later, the lifeguards called the ambulance and the police. The wounded man was taken to hospital.

After the arrival of the officers, the attackers managed to escape. Later managed to detain two suspects.

“These people were arrested during the night. Now we find out circumstances of incident. One of the arrested police found a machete. But this subject was not used during the attack,” he told police.

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