In Poland will be judged Ukrainian woman, who had children during the working shift.

In Poland will be judged Ukrainian woman who gave birth to a child right during the work shift, and then tried to kill the baby, reports 24 channel.

The child was rescued, at the same time, the very Ukrainian is now should check a psychiatrist.

As reported by the TV channel psychologist Natalia kukhtina, this incident could have happened due to the fact that people at work can’t cope with the psychological pressure associated with the fact that the situation in which people only work and has no close relatives, is traumatic.

“This is not life, it is a substitution of life. Life where mom, dad, where the children where, for example, the husband’s life. And here just work. It’s incredibly difficult,” – said the psychologist.

According to Contineu, the person who plans to travel abroad in search of work, it is important to decide on the priorities in life.

“People who go to another country, they will definitely feel lonely, they feel unappreciated. Ignorance of language, ignorance of law, inability to ask for help. And very often people enter into any here is doubtful, for example, relationships or even hide the pregnancy,” said kuhtina.

Also, according to Contineu, is the wrong setting, according to which money is able to solve all the problems.

“You know, not everything in life measured with money. But, unfortunately, psychologically now people have formed an opinion is, and this is not opinion, it is already setup, it is a stereotype… If I have money, I will solve all the issues. No. Life, health, love, money can not buy”, – said the psychologist.

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