In Rome in the Church of Alexander Nevsky began the funeral of Mikhail Zadornov

Today, 15 November, in Riga (Latvia) to the Alexander Nevsky Church held a farewell ceremony for the satirist Mikhail Zadornov. Funeral rite has already begun.


The Cathedral is in the centre of the capital. Media reported that near the temple gathered dozens of people. In the afternoon Moscow time in the Church is not enough place for those who want to say goodbye with a famous satirist. Soon the temple was closed, so no one else could get in, but people continue to come and be interested, here is the funeral of Michael Zadornov.

After the ceremony the funeral was appointed for the funeral. The body of the satirist will rest in Jurmala, Jaundubulti cemetery. There is buried the father of the artist Nikolay Zadornov, and Michael will rest beside that corresponds to the last will of the satirist.

We will remind that Mikhail Zadornov died last week in the capital of Russia. Satirist left this world on 70 year life after a long struggle with cancer. Before today’s ceremony took place farewell with Zadornov in one of medical institutions of Moscow. First, the event was closed, but then the crowd of fans were allowed inside to say goodbye to idol.