In Rostov-on-don, the man brutally beat a 17-year-old girl

In Rostov-on-don was an audacious attack on a 17-year-old girl was severely beaten in one of the entrances of a house. The attacker was waiting for her at the house, and then went to her entrance, where he began to put a beating.


In law enforcement bodies of Rostov-on-don received information from one of inhabitants of Rostov, who unveiled footage from the surveillance camera. The camera lens caught the unknown man, who conducted surveillance of some guy. However, after he saw passing by the girl, he followed her into the stairwell, where he committed his attack. The man struck several severe blows on the head of the victim from which she eventually lost consciousness.

It is worth noting that unconscious girl began to scream, and the cry of the entrance came the neighbors, who prevented the perpetrator to continue the beating. Eyewitnesses claim that the man captured on video, appeared near the house and watched the teenagers, however, this is the first time when he performed such actions.