In Rubizhne, Luhansk oblast campus and College disconnected from the heating

In Rubizhne, Luhansk oblast campus and College disconnected from the heating, they were connected to the boiler room of the city hospital, but it was demolished by order of Deputy mayor, according to “112 Ukraine”.

“We received a letter from the city Council with a request to dismantle the equipment on the boiler in order for the investor under the investment agreement, was able to go there”, – explained the Director of enterprise “Teplokommunenergo” Maxim Simonenko.

The Council say that the city created a monopoly: “the Monopoly created not just. One stroke of the pen and written a letter to the Director of “Teplokommunenergo” destroyed the object of communal forms of ownership. Disgrace and outrage of local authorities goes beyond all limits”, – the Deputy of city Council Valery Kharchuk.

Local residents also are not happy with the situation and fear that the equipment has been kidnapped.

“Their ability to manage effectively has already shown the representatives of “opposition bloc” in 2015. They formed the majority of the Rubizhne city Council. Non-transparent schemes in the selection of investors, ignoring the law on public procurement is the direct theft of budget funds”, – says the head of the Luhansk regional organization of the party “For life” Rostislav Oak.

According to Kharchuk, the amount of damages “Teplokommunenergo” from such actions of local authorities exceeded UAH 1 million, and the competition for the commissioning of the building in the rental and not spent.

В Рубежном Луганской области медгородок и техникум отключили от отопления

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