In Russia cheapest car will get side Windows

In Russia, the cheapest car in the world will get side glass. We are talking about the Indian car Bajaj Qute, which will get a new base version.



Informed basic features of the car Bajaj Qute had side Windows instead of curtains of polyethylene. Now the car will be sold in Russia with full side Windows and heater. This was informed domestic importer of automobiles Bajaj Qute.

Last year in Russia brought the first batch of cars Bajaj Qute, and the inhabitants of the country quickly sold out. While there is no exact information on how many cars were sold in the country. There is information that before the beginning of sales of Bajaj Qute in Russia, the importer brought together 350 pre-orders for this model.



Model Bajaj Qute is considered the ATV, but it is called the cheapest car in the world. Its cost in Russia is 330 000. The engine compartment of the vehicle is a single cylinder unit with a volume of 216 cubic meters. The engine performance is 13 horsepower.