In Russia may ban Viber in analogy with Telegram

В России могут запретить Viber по аналогии с Telegram

In Russia may ban Viber in analogy with Telegram
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Problems in the work of the messenger began April 16, when Roskomnadzor started blocking Telegram.

In Russia, by analogy with Telegram can ban Viber, if FSB does not receive the encryption keys to the messenger. This was stated by the Minister Nikolai Nikiforov, writes TASS.

That is a question for the Federal security service, because the powers in relation to such specific execution order for the provision of encryption keys, it is the powers of the FSB. If they have problems with the provision of encryption keys, they can go to court and get a similar sentence, – said the head Nikiforov.

Viber is in second place in the list of most popular messengers among the Russians after WhatsApp.

The owner of the messenger — international Media company Viber is headquartered in Luxembourg. It was founded by the creators of Viber, Igor Magazinnik and Talmon Marco. They are both citizens of Israel, although Magazinnik was born in Russia.

Problems with Viber in Russia began on 16 April, when Roskomnadzor started blocking Telegram. In an attempt to block the messenger Roskomnadzor restricted access to the cloud service of Amazon, which uses Viber.

Why заблокировалиTelegram

Lock Telegram associated with failure to pass Durov FSB encryption keys from the correspondence of the users, as required by Russian legislation. The company’s founder refused to do what the Telegram was fined 80 thousand rubles. After that Roskomnadzor gave Durova 15 days for a Telegram lock. The businessman did not and Roskomnadzor appealed to court. Three weeks later, Roskomnadzor did not manage to completely block Telegram.