In Russia, over 70 million sale of the presidential limousine ZIL-4112Р

In Russia sold by unique limousine ZIL-4112Р, designed by specialists of AMO ZIL and “Depo-ZIL”. The vehicle was positioned as a presidential limousine. The machine is available on the website The owner of the limousine is ready to part with it for 70 million rubles. Last year, the car was already put up for sale for 1.2 million dollars.



Limousine ZIL-4112Р was created in the framework of the project “Monolith”. In 2012 the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with this model, but she does not work due to the presence of some defects of the machine that require Troubleshooting.

The basis for model ZIL-4112Р was the limousine ZIL-41047. Presidential car 200 millimeters increased wheelbase. The car has received a six doors and as many seats.

Seller unique limousine ZIL-4112Р claims that its luxury this car will surpass all Western counterparts. The owner of the car said that she had no armor, but it is possible to install bronekapsuly.







The driving force of the limousine ZIL-4112Р is V-shaped engine capacity of 7.7 liters. The plant capacity is 400 horsepower. The motor is a five-speed automatic transmission.